Outrageous Agers Exhibitions  
  'Outrageous Agers', Lighthouse Gallery, Wolverhampton, Feb.-March 2000  
  'Outrageous Agers' (mark 2) - including 6 video installations and site specific works, Focal Point Gallery, Cliffs Pavillion and the Shopping Centre, Southend, Essex. Sept. - Oct. 2001  
  'The vagina begins to shrivel ...' (extract from 'Outrageous Agers') in 'Art, Age and Gender', Orleans House, London, 2002  
  'Outrageous Agers' (mark 3) - including 5 video pieces, Peri Photographic Gallery, Turku, Finland, 9-30 March 2003  

'Bodyscapes' (extract from 'Outrageous Agers') in 'What does obesity mean to you?', Air Gallery, London, 2003